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I am so blessed with the best mama (for me) in the Universe. Nancy, is hilarious and encouraging, fiery and compassionate, excitable and easy going, determined and fiercely proud of her children. Thanks, ma! She also happens to be my biggest fan. This is where things get a little awkward.

A few years back, it was my first time to Vertical Blue, the elite Freediving competition hosted by World Record Holder and fellow Kiwi, William Trubridge. Will was attempting to break his own World Record and had sponsors and news crew following his every move. I was breaking my own New Zealand National Records, but they were way off World Record status and far from anything ‘noticeable’, in my mind.  And then, I received an email from the NZ national news channel congratulating me and asking if I was available for an interview for their breakfast show.

Surprise. Excitement. And a pinch of WTF, where did that come from?

I read a little further down to the line that explained it all. “Nancy, your mother(?), got in touch with us.”

Oh dear God. I thought my days of feeling embarrassed by my parents were over at high school graduation (that’s 10 years ago this month!).

But, you know what, reflecting back on it almost two years later, I think that was pretty cool. Sure, it’s definitely not the smoothest way of getting attention but it worked!  My mom believes in me and wants to voice it from the rooftops. That’s pretty fucking cool, don’t you think?

So, skip forward to a few months ago, mama bear and I were talking and she was feeling deeply frustrated. See, she was out at a dinner party discussing the most recent book about Freediving and the same questions kept coming up. ‘Why?’, ‘Why do they do it?’, quickly followed by a presumption that ‘we’ deep divers must have a death wish. (Death-wish, no, desire to soak up and savour every moment of life, yes). It was really sweet to hear how much she wanted to defend me and help share what Freediving is all about… and she got me thinking….

At first I sat down to write a blog post about Why I Freedive, but it felt more natural to speak out about this one. So instead, I sat down, talked out loud (to my beloved self) and recorded it. Of course, Freediving is many different things to different people, but this is Why I Freedive.

Click on the link, turn up the volume and tell me what you think in the comments section below. I would love to know, what’s the why behind your passion?

With love from the deepest part of me,
xo Kate


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