A humble and spirit inspired Champion Freediver, Kate has set 14 National Records for New Zealand and dives to over 85 meters (280 feet). She offers private coaching and group training camps to help you take your Freediving to the next level. Kate has been teaching Freediving for the past 8 years and competing internationally for 3 years. Her passion, experience and expertise come through in her teaching. You will feel supported, understood and inspired working with her.

Private Coaching

Completely tailored to your needs and desires these sessions are for Freedivers with some previous experience who want to continue to learn and evolve.


  • Briefing to understand your experience, challenges and goals.
  • Prepare the mind and body in a “dry” warm up, incorporating breathing practices, mindfulness and equalization techniques.
  • Dive session from our boat
  • Close with a debriefing


½ day
9 am – 1 pm

Deep Training Camps

Join Kate Middleton and Michael Board on a course specifically designed with the deep Freediver in mind. Our courses are rich in knowledge that comes from direct experience. We share what has helped us dive to 85 m and 105 m. We cover:

  • Dry training including breathing, stretching and mental preparation
  • Equalization techniques including frenzel, mouthfil, packing and stretchin
  • Pool training including mono finning technique and training tables
  • Open water depth training from our speedboat
  • Nutrition for Freediving
  • Personalized training programs

Private Courses

Do you want to learn to Freedive in a more intimate environment? Are you a little nervous to begin with or want a female instructor? Kate teaches SSI Freediving courses from Level 1 through to Level 3 and Master Courses. Kate understands the challenges that arise at each level and can help you overcome mental blocks, equalisation challenges and develop the strength of mind and body to dive deeper with confidence. Do you and a friend want to learn with Kate? Request a semi-private course

Please note that these courses are full days and run from about 8:30 am until 4:30 pm.

Master Course – 4 weeks mentored program

Freedive Gili and Gili Yoga Master Course- 4 weeks of coaching, training and development.

The Freedive Gili Master Course is the ultimate immersion into recreational and sport Freediving. Spend 4 weeks training alongside Freediving champions who are passionate about sharing their training techniques and lifestyle with you.

This is a mentored program to help you develop as a Freediver. Whether your goal is to learn to relax at depth or become an instructor, we will tailor your training to help you achieve your goals.

Duration: 4 Weeks
Pre-Requesites: SSI Level 2 Freediver, AIDA 3*** or equivalent

SSI Freediving Instructor Courses

Mike Board, Instructor Trainer (105 m diver, 13 X UK National Record Holder), Kate Middleton (80 m, 11 X NZ National Record Holder) and Yoga Teacher Trainer, and Akim Adhari Instructor Trainer (103 m CWT) and Professional Spearfisher.

The Freedive Gili Freediving Instructor Training Course is aimed at those Freedivers who already have a high level of freediving ability and experience and who want to now become Freediving Professionals.  Share your passion with the world!

Our Instructor Development Team at Freedive Gili are some of the most experienced Freediving Instructor Trainers in the world. We are professional, experienced and enthusiastic Freedivers who teach from experience of deep diving, competition, spearfishing, yoga as a way of life and more.

Mike Board Instructor Trainer (105 m diver UK national record),Kate Middleton (85 m NZ Zealand National record) and Yoga Teacher Trainer