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I used to feel pretty alone, an outsider to the “mainstream” movement on Gili Trawangan. As I dove more deeply into Yoga and Freediving, partying was no longer a priority. My desires were coming in differently, loud and clear as conscious community and healing. I longed for a tribe of friends, you know, people on the path to dance, laugh and cry with.

You see, there’s a constant current of movement here, a transient tide of people sweeping in and out…but I couldn’t help but feeling like, ‘where are all my brothers and sisters who want to talk about yoga, spirituality, healing, cleansing, home-brewed kombucha and dominant doshas?’

We were the first Yoga Studio on Gili Trawangan and the first Freediving center in Indonesia, so I am pretty familiar with the road less traveled. As the island evolves, so does our yoga community, but I still get a familiar pang of nerves as I put something new out there to the community.

What’s so scary? Well… what if no one shows up?

Ouch, it stings doesn’t it, that idea that no one cares, no one even notices or wants to do what you are offering… well, I have decided that I am going to do it anyway.

Sure the idea of rejection is painful but the reality of not doing what I deeply desire to do… is suffocating.

You see, I need to dance. Every cell in my body and part of my being LOVES to dance. I just prefer to dance with a little space to flail my arms and legs if they so desire, rather than tightly packed at a bar. I prefer to dance, high on breath and exhilarating movement than on substances. I prefer to dance like my soul wants to dance rather than how my mind wants me to be seen.  So this month, every Saturday night I will be dancing and you are welcome to join me.

What about this Women’s Healing Yoga? I am simply sharing some of my personal and ongoing inner work with any of my fellow sisters who feel called to celebrate their Wild Feminine.  As a child, I was a “tom boy”. At 21 I co-created a business in a foreign country and the only way I knew how to survive was to “man up” or “toughen the fuck up”, basically build a solid armour around my feminine side so that no one could see me as ‘weak’ or ‘less than’. It seemed to work. Students stopped complaining about having me as an Instructor instead of Mike. Our team of local staff listened to me.  I trained harder and I dove deeper.

And I lost touch with the wild, sacred, sensual and infinitely powerful Woman within.

About five years ago I heard her familiar voice ring through. She was speaking to me and I have been following that voice and honouring her call as best as I can, ever since. This class is my newest offering and most vulnerable share: “Women’s Healing Yoga”.  From woman to woman, wound to wound, heart to heart, we embrace the whole spectrum of who we are.

So, what if no one shows up? I’ll be there and you are welcome to join me.

Love from the Yoniverse,


Find me @Gili Yoga every Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:30 pm for Women’s Healing; Saturday @ 6:30 pm for Ecstatic Dance! and Tueday-Thursday, Saturday + Sunday @ 5 pm for Vinyasa Flow.


P.S. Pass it on if you know of someone who might like to shake their groove thang or dive into the yoniverse.

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