Do It Anyway

I used to feel pretty alone, an outsider to the “mainstream” movement on Gili Trawangan. As I dove more deeply into Yoga and Freediving, partying was no longer a priority. My desires were coming [...]

On Showing Yourself

Photo by: Jean-Guy de La Casinière What if our lessons aren’t only for us? Those wounds that run deep, you know the ones you flinch away from, what if they are your personal work as a part of our [...]

Why I Freedive

I am so blessed with the best mama (for me) in the Universe. Nancy, is hilarious and encouraging, fiery and compassionate, excitable and easy going, determined and fiercely proud of her children. [...]

On Returning Home

Post Holiday Blues Rainbows Overwhelmed and exhausted, distant and desiring to be back ‘there’, you hover over a threshold of sadness. Hesitant to show your sorrow as weakness or [...]

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