The Pleasure of Rest

The Pleasure of Rest- Part 1 In my experience as a Freediving Instructor, motivating students to explore their potential is not the hard part, nor is teaching the science of training and rest. [...]

Soul Sports and Why we still need Meditation

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. There are many ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” RUMI As a multi-passionate adventurer I find pleasure, joy, inspiration and connection [...]

Pleasure over Performance

My first initiation into Freediving was a self-taught attempt to hold my breath sitting on the bottom of a pool. (** learn with an Instructor and never Freedive alone). I found a little space in [...]

Reclaim your Superpowers

Some years ago, late at night in the garden, I fervently purged word after word into my journal. Wide awake with a restless desperation I scribbled seed after seed of intent of what I wanted to [...]

Do It Anyway

I used to feel pretty alone, an outsider to the “mainstream” movement on Gili Trawangan. As I dove more deeply into Yoga and Freediving, partying was no longer a priority. My desires were coming [...]

On Showing Yourself

Photo by: Jean-Guy de La Casinière What if our lessons aren’t only for us? Those wounds that run deep, you know the ones you flinch away from, what if they are your personal work as a part of our [...]

The Ocean and her Grace

The Ocean whispered, ‘Here, take my hand’. And she lead me home to my heart. Listen to what I go through on a Freedive, the inner journey and the outer joy. Waves of love, Kate

Why I Freedive

I am so blessed with the best mama (for me) in the Universe. Nancy, is hilarious and encouraging, fiery and compassionate, excitable and easy going, determined and fiercely proud of her children. [...]

Is This Really Yoga?

Have you as a yoga student ever been in a class where you quietly wondered to yourself, is this Yoga?? Or, as a teacher, have you seen the look on your students’ faces when they don’t [...]

On Returning Home

Post Holiday Blues Rainbows Overwhelmed and exhausted, distant and desiring to be back ‘there’, you hover over a threshold of sadness. Hesitant to show your sorrow as weakness or [...]

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