Kate Middleton

Hello and welcome! I am happy that we have found each other. I am Kate, a love child with a wild side and an appetite for adventure. I am passionate about creative and inspired living. I believe in play as a spiritual practice and am devoted to bringing more peace, love and joy into my own life and those around me.  Yoga, Meditation, Dance and Freediving are the core of my practice as both a student and teacher.

Yoga as a Healing Path

I was born and raised in Victoria, BC with a deep love for animals, the wilderness and living in harmony with nature. I found yoga as a teenager and it became my healing path from anxiety and disordered eating.  Through the study of yoga, meditation, freediving, nutrition and embodied living, I embrace myself as I am, whole, complete and perfectly imperfect. Now I teach the transformative practices of authentic living and embodiment that helped me to heal, connect and thrive as a yoga teacher, business owner and athlete.

Creating a New Life

I landed in Indonesia while traveling through SE Asia 10 years ago. It was here that I journeyed deeper into yoga and learned to Freedive. Freediving immediately captured my curiosity and my heart. From this place of love and awe I co-created Freedive Gili and Gili Yoga. What was born from a casual conversation has evolved into a thriving Yoga and Freediving resort with two Yoga Shalas, a 25 m swimming pool, beautiful bungalows and a high-vibe vegetarian restaurant on the beach front of Gili Trawangan.

Deep Freediving

I train and compete in International Freediving Competitions as a way to explore the far reaches of my potential.  I have set 18 NZ National Records, I am a Vice World Champion and dive to over 97 meters (290 feet) on a single breath. In my most recent competition, Vertical Blue, I won a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal and am now the third deepest woman in the world.

I continue on this path of self-love and exploration because I love to feel alive and connected to a conscious community. I love to help others follow their passion and feel the pleasure of living from the heart. I lead Yoga Teacher Trainings on Gili Trawangan throughout the year. My fascination with vibrant living lead me to study Energy healing, nutrition, and somatic movement therapies which I incorporate into all of my courses for the ultimate fusion of high-vibe living.

When I am not teaching, training or competing I am exploring new passions and places and reconnecting with my global family.

Now it’s your turn! I would love to know you. Get in touch and tell me what you are all about!


Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan, is a small tropical island in the Indonesian archipelago just east of Bali and west of Lombok. “Gili” means island in Sasak, the local language from Lombok, and that’s just what it is; a picture perfect, palm-fringed coral cay nestled between Bali and Lombok. Gili Trawangan, or Gili T, is the largest (by a fraction), of the three Gili Islands. Ideal for both yoga and freediving, Gili Trawangan boasts spectacular weather, views, beaches and abundant life above and below the water. With no motorized vehicles on the Gilis, we enjoy a strong connection with nature and laid-back lifestyle!

Originally just a stop off destination for Bugis fishermen, Gili Trawangan was more recently settled by a few families as a coconut plantation. When tourism began to really take off on Bali in the 80’s travellers began to trickle over to discover the then remote and empty Gili Isltands. The Gili Islands have evolved since then and on a superficial level may seem unrecognizable to the first visitors, but at their core they remain the same; little treasures of exotic beauty and enchanting peace that invite us to explore this inner and outer terrain.

Gili Trawangan may be known as the party island, offering beach parties a few nights a week but for those of you who are looking for a more holistic experience, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate and enjoy the evenings. If you can plan for it, make sure you factor a full moon into your Gili stay- the moonlit sky and ocean surface is a surreal experience!

The great thing about Gili Trawangan in particular is that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Beach lovers can swim, snorkel and sunbathe all day long. There are endless ways to play for the active adventurers: Freediving, Yoga, Scuba diving, Surfing, SUP, kayaking, fitness, horseback riding and much more. There are plenty of family activities and a childcare center for when you want a little time to yourself. You can eat well in the many local warungs and you can dazzle your senses with the wide variety of excellent international cuisine. And, of course, if you want to, you can party.

Gili Yoga

It all started as an idea born from a casual “what if?”, a sketchbook and the shared enthusiasm of two adventurous souls. Sitting on the sandy shores of Gili T, sunbaked and only a little bit serious, we played with the idea of “what if” we could create a own space to teach Yoga and Freediving from…. We wanted to share what had caught our hearts, Yoga and Freediving, in an environment that accelerated healing, learning and shining, so we got a little creative, took a leap into the unknown and built our sanctuary in the sun. With some hard work, devotion, blood, sweat and tears and a lot of gratitude…here we are. We do what we love, where we love and we want to share that with you.

From humble beginnings of one class per day, we have evolved into a Yoga Studio offering Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Retreats, Conscious Cleansing and Detox, and of course, a whole load of daily classes to keep you breathing, flowing and glowing.

The Banyan Tree- our high-vibe vegetarian restaurant is now open! Come in for a green juice, a coffee and some raw chocolate cake!

Gili Yoga Teachers live what they teach and love to share their lifestyle with you. We have an international team of inspiring and compassionate yoga teachers who will meet you where you are at and encourage you on your path.

The Yoga Garden

After a few years of nursing Gili Yoga and Freedive Gili into full fruition, we discovered that the two activities attract like-minded people, conscious life-adventurers who are generally more interested in the “day life” than the night life. We also realized that most of our students wanted to stay close by to soak up the calm, authentic and inspiring atmosphere of our center. We built 9 rooms in our tropical garden, which are simple and luxurious, clean and comfortable, homey and holistic. We created The Yoga Garden as a place to rest, recover and relax for the next day of adventure that unfolds.

If you are a solo traveller wanting to meet fun and fabulous friends, you will feel connected and a part of the community during your stay. Couples seeking solitary and romance can enjoy their intimate space and time in one of our more private bungalows.

The Yoga Garden is a beautiful blend of healing sanctuary meets adventure base camp. Our coconut wood yoga shala is spacious, light and open. Our 25 meter swimming pool is perfect for Freediving training or swimming laps and we are steps away from the beach for swimming, snorkeling and lounging.

Room rates include:

  • Hot, fresh water
  • Air conditioning
  • Fridges
  • Satellite TVs
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Wifi
  • Breakfast

Freedive Gili

Born from the experience, for Freedivers by Freedivers. We created Freedive Gili from the heart, as fresh Instructors, completely captured by the sport. Over the past 10 years of complete devotion to Freediving both Mike and myself have set numerous national records for New Zealand and Great Britain. We have won medals, won competitions, consistently ranked top 5 in the World for both men and women and even been on the podium at the World Championships.

Our achievements are a reward of our dedication to the sport and our love of learning.  Freedive Gili is a professional, world class center that also knows how to keep it real and have fun.

We offer Freediving courses from beginner to Instructor as well as individualized coaching programs. Our International team of Freediving Instructors are ambassadors of the sport and lifestyle. We do believe that there is more to Freediving than depth and we also believe that the ability to teach comes from experience. Our Instructors are all experienced, deep divers who are capable of helping you reach your goals, whether that is overcoming a fear of the ocean, spending longer on the reef or diving to 80 meters!